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Physical Health

Physical Health & Wellbeing

We often take our physical health for granted until we find it effected. An injury or health scare can push us into a positive mode for change. The threat of health issues due to weight gain, an unhealthy lifestyle or a diagnosis can demand we change to ensure our quality of life going forward. An injury can stop us in our tracks, where we are required to re-evaluate how we get through the recovery period or change how we do things going forward. When we hit these bumps in the road we can sometimes feel:

  • stunned and stuck
  • Overwhelmed
  • Helpless and hopeless
  • Defined by an illness
  • Uncertain and lost
  • Anxious and stressed
  • Difficulty understanding and processing medical information
  • Questioning your value, meaning and purpose in life

Physical health and wellbeing coaching can help you move forward from the above feelings, proactively putting you in the driving seat of your health. Through clarity, examining beliefs, goal setting and action planning, health coaching will empower you to safely and effectively live your optimum life going forward, enjoying a healthier more energetic you. Live a fulfilled, purposeful, meaningful life, moving past the restrictions of poor lifestyle habits or forward with an injury.

An few examples , but not limited to, of reasons people come for health coaching:

  • Goal setting, action planning, following through & accountability
  • Improve health & lifestyle
  • Kick habits that no longer serve your health
  • Weight loss
  • Risk of heart disease (high blood pressure/raise cholesterol/high BMI)
  • After an M.I (heart attack)
  • After a T.I.A ( mini stroke)
  • Told you are in the ‘at risk category’
  • Fitness goal
  • Anxiety
  • Body image
  • Coping and moving forward with an injury
  • Hormonal disruptions (menopause/polycystic ovary syndrome etc..)
  • Moving forward with a chronic illness/ diagnosis (Multiple sclerosis, C.O.P.D, heart failure etc..)
Life Coach Juliette Byrne Ashbourne Meath

Juliette Byrne

"True wealth is having your health, & knowledge of self."

  • Professional Coaching
  • Flexible Times
  • Face to Face
  • By Phone
  • Video Call
International Coach Federation Member
EMCC European Mentoring & Coaching Council Member
QQI Professional Accreditation.

Juliette Byrne coaching is located in the Ashbourne, Ratoath Meath & North Dublin areas.

However, thanks to the internet, I can coach anyone anywhere in Ireland or the world via a video call platform (English language only available).   Please feel to contact me with any inquiries or questions you may have.   I look forward to meeting you & being a part of your journey!